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wild west lingo

Collected slang words, lingo and phrases of the Old West including definitions and use. - C. Now you too can talk like a cowboy from the 's old west with this Old West Speak Generator! simply type what you would normaly say in the Modern English. Old west slang and lingo for when you are watching that John Wayne movie. To The West. Wild Western Lingo from the s & s: Cowboy Slang. Cross-Grained - Perverse, troublesome. Also called a "grub-line rider. Cowboy Bob's Dictionary - hundreds of words related to foxes red cowboy. Allot Upon - To intend, to form a purpose. Curly Wolf - Real tough guy, dangerous man. Catgut - Rawhide rope. Heeled — armed with a gun used more by city slickers.

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Rock Slang - WIld West (feat. Sac Dre) Bossy - A familiar name applied to a calf. Squaw hitch — a generic style of packsaddle hitch, refers to a number of easier hitches.. By The Skin Of One's Teeth - When a man has made a narrow escape from any dilemma, barely. Bolt - To swallow food without chewing Bonanza - The discovery of an exceptionally rich vein of gold or silver. Anti-fogmatic - Raw rum or whiskey. In addition to the hundreds of words and phrases, readers will also enjoy more than vintage images. Gol-Darn — softer version of obvious blasphemy. wild west lingo I've also heard "shuck" used for take off or leave eg: Panniers — the bags of any material used for carrying, hung on either side of the packsaddle. We strive to use attributes but don't always succeed. As different as whiskey and tea. Blue-Skins - A nickname applied to the Presbyterians, from their alleged grave deportment. Thank you so much for your suggestion and discuss these important points for blog commenting. The term was derived from the men's hair which the Indians thought resembled the fur of the buffalo. If the same word is repeated, a forfeit is demanded. Catgut - Rawhide rope. Also called a "grub-line rider. Blow Out - A feast; also called a tuck out. Of course, Grandma might have gone after him with a broom, for some of it, but for those who write, or those who simply possess inquiring minds, it seems a gathering of a few words or phrases would not be amiss. Bend an Elbow - Have a drink. From killing a cow to make beef to eat. Chuck - To throw, by a quick and dexterous motion, a short distance. Cap the Wild west lingo - To fenerbahce stats all, surpass .


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